Greek Gods Inspired Collection

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Apollo- Barbershop 1920s, Smoked Vanilla, Twilight woods

Ares- Pink Chiffon, Marshmallow cream, Vanilla Lace

Artemis- Salty Sea Air, Coconut Milk, Raspberry Cream

Athena- White Cake, Marshmallow Smoothie,Buttercream Sprinkles, Vanilla Bean Noel

Coeus- Lucky Marshmallow Charms, Vanilla Bean Marshmallow, Toasted Marshmallow

Crius- Persimmons, Tangerine, Fresh Oranges, Raw Sugar Mandarin

Cronus- Lavender, Blueberries and Cream

Demeter- Love Spell, Lemon Drop Candies

Diomysis- Watermelon Jolly Rancher, Strawberry Patch, Koolaid Man

Eros- Animal Crackers, Buttercream, Vanilla Waffle Cone

Gaia- Apple Mango Tango, Raspberry Cream

Hades- Forever Red, Candied Apple, Red Pineapple

Hephaestus- Pistachio Ice Cream, Sugar Cookie, Lucky Marshmallow Charms

Hera- Barbershop 1920s, Vanilla Lace, Spearmint

Hermes- Barbershop 1920s, Lavender, Spearmint cream

Hestia- White Palm,Mediterranean sea salt, Salty Sea Air

Hyperion- Coconut Milk, Vanilla Bean Noel, Vanilla Waffle Cone

Iapetus- Red Velvet Cake, Buttercream, Birthday Cake

Nemesis- Barbershop 1920s, Pink Sugar, Lavender

Oceanus- Lavender Milk, Coconut Waters,Mediterranean sea salt

Persephone- Green grass, Blackberry, Cotton Candy

Poseidon- Ocean Mist, Smoked Vanilla, Vetiver

Uranus- Pipe Tobacco, Vanilla Voodoo, Raspberry Cream

Zeus- Peppermint Candy Cane, Vanilla Bean Noel, Sugar Cookie Royale


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Absolutely loved the Greek gods scents! I've ordered my faves twice now :)