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Disney inspired collection

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Beauty and the Beast- Strawberry Jam,Iced Lemon Cookies,Cupcakes at Tiffanys

Cheshire Cat- Mac Apple, Lavender, Vanilla Bean Noel

Christopher Robin- American cream, Creamsicle, sugar cookies

Disneyland- Waffle Cone,Orange Creamsicle, Cotton Candy Frosting, Strawberry Shortcake, Lollipops  

Jiminy Cricket- Be delicious type, coconut cream, vanilla lace

Moana- Sea Salt Lotus Blossom, Pink Sugar, Cotton Candy

Peter Pan- Watermint, Bamboo, Spearmint, Lemonade

Piglet- Pink sands Coconut cream, tangerine dreams

Simba- Tangerine dreams, coconut cream

Sleepy- Fresh Picked Strawberries, Pink Sugar, Lavender, Sugar Cookie Royale

Stitch- Ginger Ale, Lavender, Strawberry

Zazu- Tangerine dreams,Cotton Candy, Honolulu Sun

Customer Reviews

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Stitch & Jiminy Cricket best scents ever

To say these blends are amazing doesn’t even give them justice. They are Absolutely yummy. If you haven’t tried them , you should definitely add them to your list.

Sweet and delicious

So, i've given my order a chance to cure for a few weeks and just went back to give them all a cold whiff. They smell great. My favorites so far are Finding Nemo with it's delicious aromas of coconut and tangerine and Minnie Mouse with it's berry sweetness. I'm gonna melt these two first. i've gotta say, i kind of like naked clams. This should be a permanent thing.

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