Merlin Collection

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Gaius- Lavender Mist, Cucumber Waters, Salty Sea Air, Green Tea

Guinevere- Lavender Cream, Salty Sea Air, Coconut Waters

King Arthur- Starbucks Coffee, Buttercream Sprinkles, Fire Roasted Marshmallows

Lady of the Lake- Celestial Sea, Lunar Eclipse, Torrential Rains

Lancelot- Caramel Popcorn. Red Apples, Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallows

Merlin- Powered Sugared Donut, Raspberry Cream, Cream Cheese Icing

Mordred- Smoked Vanilla, Leaves, Twilight (Type)

Morgana- Vanilla Lace, Blackberry, Starburst

Morgause- Lavender Martini, Lavender Mist, Blackberries

Uther- Stainless Steel, Charcoal Tonka Bean, Barbershop 1920s

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