Fantasy World Collection

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Lush Fairy Fluff-Snow Fairy Avobath Marshmallow Fluff

Minty Pony- Sugar Cookie Royale, Buttercream Mint, Pink Sugar

Over the Rainbow- A sugar explosion ! Candied lime, raspberry, lemon drops, pink grapefruit and juicy notes of crisp red apple and sweet orange blended with old fashioned vanilla and sweet sugar crystals.

Pinata- Marshmallow Fluff, Birthday Cake, Marshmallow Smoothie, Cotton Candy Frosting, Madagascar Vanilla, Old Fashioned Pulled Taffy

Pot of Gold- Kettle Corn, Pumpkin Pecan Waffles, Marshmallow Fluff

Pink Mermaid- Salty Sea air, vanilla wafer, cotton candy

Purple People Eater- Grape soda,Vanilla ice cream, Fizzy pop soda

Rainbow Bridge- Vanilla ice cream, fruity pebbles, cake donut, strawberry milk

Rainbow Cookies- Rainbow Sherbet, Madagascar Vanilla, Sugar Cookie Royale

Unicorn Dreams- Lavender Milk Rainbow Sherbet Spearmint Candy

Unicorn Party- Coconut Creme Fruit Loops Ice Cream Scoop Bread Marshmallow Fluff

Unicorn Treats- Fruity Pebbles, Rice Krispy Treats, Marshmallow Bomb



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This was a sweet fruit blend i enjoyed this in my kids room and game room perfect for a fun area