Collection: I Love Lucy inspired Collection

I Love Lucy Collection

  1. Bitter Grapes- Grape Soda, Ginger Ale, Key lime
  2. Deep Sea Fishing-Ocean Mist, Sea Salt , Coconut Leaves
  3. Fred & Ethel- Patchouli Rain, Blackberries, Italian Cookies
  4. Job Switching-Pineapple, Salty Sea Air, Coconut Leaves
  5. Little Ricky- Sugared Lollipops, Rock Candy, Lemon Drops
  6. Lucy & Ricky- Barbershop 1920s, Pink Sugar, Blackberries
  7. The Diet- Zucchini Bread, Lemon Curd, Vanilla Bean Marshmallow
  8. Too Much Yeast- Zucchini Bread, Fresh Pretzels, French Baguette
  9. Vitameatavegamin Girl- Tangerine Gelato, Fresh Squeezed Oranges, Whipped Cream
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  • Lucy & Ricky
    Lucy & Ricky - Closet Full of Wax
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