Collection: Alice in Wax Land Collection

Alice in Wax Land Collection

  1. Alice- Pink Sugar, Pink Chiffon, Blackberries
  2. Card Soldiers- Strawberry Jam, Vanilla Sugared Coconut Shortbread
  3. Cheshire Cat-Mac Apple, Lavender, Vanilla Bean Noel
  4. Drink Me- Blackberries, Lavender Marshmallow, Pink Chiffon
  5. Flowers of Wonderland- Cotton Candy, Sweet Violets, Sweet on Paris
  6. March Here- Zucchini Bread, Butterscotch, Vanilla Bean noel
  7. Jabberwocky- Dragons Blood, Pink Chiffon, Marshmallow Fireside
  8. Queen of Hearts- Pink Chiffon, Sweet on Paris, Pink Sugar
  9. The Mad Hatter- Vanilla Waffle Cone, Black Raspberry, Summer Scoop
  10. Tweedledum- Blueberry Muffins, Strawberry Bread, Buttercream
  11. White Rabbit- Pistachio Ice Cream, Lemon Meringue, Raspberry Zinger
  12. Bandersnatch- Lord of Misrule, Blue Sugar, Peppermint, Steel Sugar
  13. Absolem-  Smokey Palo Santo, Rare earth, Blue Sugar
  14. Through the looking glass- Moon Flower Gardenia, Pink Amber & Vanilla, Blackberry & Sweet Violets
  15. White Queen- Sweet on Paris, Smoked Vanilla, Pink Sugar
  16. In the Hands of Time-  Stainless Steel, Blue Sugar, Gold Sugar
  17. Mc Twisp- Blue Sugar, Pink Sugar, Gold Sugar
  18. It's Always Tea Time- Sparkling Green Tea, Freshly Zested Lemons, Raw Sugar and Mint
  19. Off with Her Head- Strawberry Daiquiri, Pink Sugar, Cotton Candy
  20. Down the Rabbit Hole- Warm Amber, French Vanilla and Oak, Sandalwood and Suede, with a touch of dirt