Collection: Sweet on Paris 2 Collection

  1. Backlit Silhouette - Black Saffron, Sweet on Paris, Marshmallow Clouds
  2. Bois de Vincennes- Ivory Woods, Sweet on Paris, Fig + Rosemary Jam
  3. City of Flowers- Golden Magnolia, Sweet on Paris, Blushing Peaches
  4. Cobblestone Streets- Fresh Mint + Eucalyptus, Sweet on Paris, Touch of wet cobblestone
  5. French Balcony - Drops of Rain, Sweet on Paris, Blackberry & Magnolia
  6. French Riviera- Sweet on Paris, Sea Spray + Linen, Sea Water
  7. Gardens of Paris- Cashmere Cedar, Sweet on Paris, Warm Vanilla Sugar
  8. Laveries in Paris- White Clouds, Sweet on Paris, Lavender Vanilla
  9. Le Macaron- Pistachio Macaron, Rose Milk, Strawberry Macaron + Vanilla Whip, Sweet on Paris
  10. Museum Stroll - Summer Sorbet & Palm Leaves, Sweet on Paris, Lemon + Lavender Shortbread
  11. Sidewalk Cafe- Coffee Snob, Morning Beignet, Sweet Bakery Dough, Sweet on Paris
  12. Street Art - Poolside Splash, Sweet on Paris, Lemonade
  13. Sugar Puffs - Sweet on Paris, Sweet Bakery Dough, Warm Vanilla Sugar
  14. Rainbow Skies in Paris- Pink Lavender Clouds, Sweet on Paris, Drops of Rain
  15. Stormy Nights- Pink Lavender Clouds, Black Saffron, Sweet on Paris
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