Collection: The Simpsons inspired Collection

But my mom says I'm cool - Blueberry Muffin, Strawberries and Cream, Fresh Lemon

D’ OH Nuts - Powdered Sugar Donuts, Glazed Donuts, Jelly Donuts

Don't Have a Cow, Man!- Book Nook, Oatmeal + Lavender, Vanilla Cotton

Eat My Shorts - Cherry Slushie, Lemonade, Blue Cotton Candy

Excellent! - The scent of a dapper man. Warm Cashmere, Cedar, Sandalwood, Musk, Apple Violet  

Hey Hey Kids! - Banana, Cotton Candy, Pistachio Ice Cream

Hi-Diddily-Ho Waxarinos- Coffee Snob, Brown Sugar, Honey Buttered Rolls

Mmm~mmmmm- Lemon Mint Leaf, Lavender, Clean Basil (Mrs. Meyers Type)

Principal Skinner-  Barbershop 1920s, Black Sea, Shaving Cream

Sideshow Bob- Watermelon Sugar, Raw Sugar + Mint

Smithers- Fruit Loops, Cotton Candy Frosting, Cheesecake

Stop Hitting Yourself!- Bubble Gum, , Grape Candy, Cherry Slushie


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