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Closet Full of Wax

Candy Shop Collection

Candy Shop Collection

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  1. Sugar Drops- Sugared Lemon, Pink Sugar, Raw Sugar Mandarin
  2. Berry Confections - BlackBerry ,Raspberry, Pink Sugar , Cotton Candy
  3. Sugar Bowl- Banana, Strawberry, Cotton Candy, Marshmallow Fluff
  4. Candy on the Beach -Pink Sands , Cotton Candy, Salty Sea Air
  5. Jaw Teasers- Bubble Gum, Blueberry, Red Berries
  6. Blowing Bubbles- Blackberry, Bubble Gum, Pink Lemonade
  7. Atomic Cat-Fresh Squeezed Oranges, Peach Nectar, Pineapple
  8. Sugar Labyrinth- Salt Water Taffy, Blackberry, Summer Scoop
  9. Crazy Cow- Purple Cow, Summer Scoop, Berry Waffle Cone
  10. Electric Smurf- Blue Hawaiian, Blueberry, Blue Cotton Candy
  11. Give Us Candy!- Grape Candy, Cherry Starburst, Cotton Candy (Formally known as Monica Give Us Candy!)
  12. Beach Clouds- Honeydew Melon, Cotton Candy, Salty Sea Air
  13. Candy Shoppe- Lollipops, Gummy Bears, Cotton Candy
  14. Sugar Momma- Sweet Tarts, Pop Rocks, Rainbow Sherbet
  15. Mermaid Treats- Sweet Tarts, Vanilla Lace, Orange Creamsicle
  16. Candy Koolaid Shooga- Fizzy Soda, Watermelon Taffy, Salt Water Taffy, Koolaid
  17. Spun Sugar Rose Clouds- Fresh Cut Roses, Cotton Candy Frosting

Approximate weight 3.0 oz

Snap Bar wax melt

*Colors and Design may vary by batch

*Hand Crafted wax not suitable for consumption

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