Sleep Potions Collection

  • $4.25

Go the f*ck to sleep sweetheart- Vanilla Lavender Chamomile

Golden Slumber- Baby Powder, Lemon Drop, Chamomile

No More Monsters-Do you have a monster living in your closet ...Or perhaps under your bed keeping you awake at night ? Have no fear closet full of wax has a new exclusive scent to chase the boogie man away and fill your room with a fruity scent that monsters hate! Orange creamsicle, sugar cookie royale, true lavender 

Snooze Potion- Can't Sleep? We have the perfect potion for you! Snooze Potion is a soothing blend of fresh Eucalyptus, Sweet Lavender and Minty cool vanilla. You will be sure to get a full nights rest with this scent.

Twinkling Star- Bedtime Bath, Baby Powder