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Halloween Collection Sampler

Halloween Collection Sampler

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Included is 1.2 oz of each scent

Total weight 12 oz









    1. Phantom Fog - An ethereal blend that delicately melds the invigorating essence of crisp peppermint with the subtle warmth of light mahogany. The hint of smoke adds an elusive and enigmatic quality, conjuring an atmosphere reminiscent of misty, hidden realms and evoking a sense of intrigue and wonder.
    2. Wicked Woods
    1. a tantalizing blend that captures the essence of an enchanting forest. The scent of leather and cedar mingles with the allure of dark musk, creating a deep and inviting base. Warm spices add a touch of intrigue, while the aroma of autumn leaves brings a nostalgic and earthy quality. This blend conjures an atmosphere of mystery and comfort, inviting you to explore the depths of a bewitching woodland realm.
    2. Crypt Keeper- This blend 
    1. encapsulates the essence of ancient mysteries. The bold notes of black pepper and cedar intertwine with the enigmatic dark musk, creating a base of alluring depth. The smoky aroma of oud adds an aura of intrigue, while the touch of golden amber brings a warm and mysterious glow. This blend conjures an atmosphere of hidden secrets and timeless allure, evoking the image of a keeper of cryptic knowledge in the shadows.
    2. Creepy Cauldron
    1. a bewitching concoction that captures the essence of a mystical brew. The dark allure of black apple and clove bud intertwines with the comforting richness of tonka and patchouli, creating a complex and intriguing base. The addition of mac apple adds a sweet yet eerie twist, while the woody smoke essence rounds out the blend with an air of mysticism. This scent evokes an atmosphere of ancient rituals and enchanting spells, inviting you to peer into the depths of a cauldron teeming with otherworldly secrets.
    2. Eerie Emberjack
    1. a captivating blend that ignites the senses with its enigmatic composition. The richness of black tea and precious woods intertwines with the delicate allure of sheer musk, creating a complex and intriguing foundation. Patchouli adds an earthy depth, while transparent amber and tonka bean contribute a touch of warmth and sweetness. This blend evokes an atmosphere of smoky intrigue and mysterious contemplation, like the ember-lit moments of an otherworldly journey.
    2. Cursed Carvera tantalizing blend that encapsulates the essence of autumnal enchantment. The nutty allure of pumpkin seeds and caramel mingles with the warming spice of cinnamon bark, creating a cozy and inviting base. Mahogany woods add a touch of depth, while the aroma of spiced pumpkins and cranberry brings a festive and tangy twist. This blend conjures an atmosphere of fall festivities and bewitching charm, evoking the image of a skilled carver weaving spells into each intricate design.
    3. Bewitching Breeze
  1. The nostalgic notes of pipe smoke and cashmere weave together with the invigorating essence of peppermint, creating a complex and beguiling foundation. Sweet dark spices add a touch of allure, while smokey patchouli and cedarwood contribute depth and mystery. This blend conjures an atmosphere of a magical wind carrying hints of ancient rituals and enigmatic spells, evoking a sense of both comfort and curiosity.
  2. Mystic Spider Silk - A captivating blend that weaves an intricate web of enchantment. The elegance of rosewood and the depth of dark tonka interlace with the soothing presence of sandalwood, forming a harmonious and mysterious base. Fresh mint and apple add a refreshing twist, while oakmoss and musk lend an earthy and grounding quality. This blend conjures an atmosphere of mystical secrets and delicate balance, evoking the image of a spider's intricate creation that captures the essence of a magical realm.
  3. Sinister Nightshade - A captivating blend that combines the mysterious allure of wild sage and red cedar with the richness of sandalwood and tonka. Musk adds a touch of sensuality, creating an enchanting aroma that evokes an enigmatic and alluring atmosphere, perfect for those seeking a touch of darkness and intrigue in their surroundings.
  4. Cursed CarnivalA mesmerizing blend that captures the essence of a mysterious and enchanting fairground. The warmth of amber, sandalwood, and cedar forms a rich and inviting base, while the alluring notes of musk add depth and intrigue. Clove and nutmeg bring a spicy complexity, balanced by the bright and zesty essence of bergamot. This blend conjures an atmosphere of both excitement and enigma, evoking the image of a haunted carnival where magic and curses intertwine in the air. 

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