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Sweet on Paris Collection

Sweet on Paris Collection

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  1. Sugar Puffs - Sweet on Paris, Sweet Bakery Dough, Warm Vanilla Sugar
  2. Sidewalk Cafe- Coffee Snob, Morning Beignet, Sweet Bakery Dough, Sweet on Paris
  3. Le Macaron- Pistachio Macaron, Rose Milk, Strawberry Macaron + Vanilla Whip, Sweet on Paris
  4. Pink Paris - Sweet on Paris, Pink Chiffon, Pink Sugar  
  5. Velvet Lace - Sweet on Paris , Velvet Sugar, Vanilla Lace 
  6. Berry Romance- Sweet on Paris, Blueberry, Blackberry 
  7. Mon amour-  Sweet on Paris, Vanilla Bean Noel, Lavender Marshmallow 
  8. Merci Beau-quet -  Sugared Violets , Sweet on Paris , Pink Amber Vanilla
  9. Le Louvre - Sweet on Paris , Chocolate Orchid, Pink Sands 
  10. City of Lights- Golden Sugar, Sweet in Paris, Pink Amber & Vanilla
  11. Lagoon of Love-Tranquil Waters, Sweet in Paris, Lavender Cashmere
  12. Paris Bake Shop- Pistachio Macaroon, Sweet in Paris, Sweet Bakery Dough
  13. City of Love- Sweet on Paris, Baby Magic, Bum bum Cream
  14. Joan of Arc- Golden Sugars, Pink Musk, Sweet on Paris
  15. Clouds Over Paris- Sweet on Paris, Velvet Sugar, Cashmere Clouds

Approximate weight 3.0 oz

Snap Bar wax melt

*Colors and Design may vary by batch

*Hand Crafted wax not suitable for consumption

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